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Server Rules

Disclaimer: CV is NOT responsible for the conduct of non-members on the server whatsoever.

The following are things we kick for, you may be kicked without warning depending on the conditions. Some offenses may constitute a ban.

1. Innapropriate names and remarks (Curse words, Sexual undertones, Racial undertones, Religious undertones, and Political undertones).

2. Wearing CV tags.

3. Badmouthing CV Clan, CV members or any other players in the game.

4. Spamming or advertising things.

5. Constant complaining or chatting up the game.

6. Trying to kill your teammates.

7. Switching teams without asking.

8. Pings - (Any ping over 300 you will get kicked for).

9. Letting CV In - You may be kicked at anytime to let a CV member in.

10. Idling - If you stand in the same position for too long and don't move.

11. Portal Blocking - Do not stand on or in the portals, or park vehicles on or in them.

12. Driving vehicles into the tunnels (Danger Canyon).

13. Parking vehicles on the flag (All maps).

14. Boundaries - Going outside of the map or through walls (Ban, no questions asked).